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 M.A.G: Massive Action Game NEW INFO!!!!!!

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PostSubject: M.A.G: Massive Action Game NEW INFO!!!!!!   Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:29 am

hey guys i just came across a bunch of new release info on MAG. THE BEST ONE IS THAT IT IS CONFIRMED FIRST PERSON SHOOTER!!!! well here you go

2 to 256 players

'Hopes' for 30 FPS when all the action is going down at all times

Dedicated servers with new network architectures to help reduce lag

Streamline matches to reduce need to wait

All audio cues (planes flying by, air raid sirens) are actual players causing it or player-triggered actions. This can happen in other regions and you can hear in distance.

PunkBuster quality cheating detection. System tests for things like rate of fire/movement/damage to keep things in check

First-person view only

Set 20 years in the future, three major PMCs struggle for power in what has been dubbed "The Shadow War". Each PMC will have its advantages and disadvantages. Zipper has released the names of all three but only released information on two. One is the Raven; they bear high tech weapons and black armor. They will appeal to Halo/Resistances fans. Sver, pronounced "Sever", are fierce fighters from SW/ Central Asia, who will most likely have slightly weaker weapons, but have the advantageous ability to adapt to their environment due to extreme amounts of experience. The third faction is the Hammer, and as of 4/17/2009, Zipper has released nothing about them.

256-player Domination mode. Attackers and defenders. Outer layer of defense and inner layer. Once through the outer layer 'hell breaks loose'. Anti-aircraft and radar are vulnerable. If your faction wins a lot it gets the contract for that game mode and gets XP bonuses and perks.

Three other game modes: Acquisition (128-player escort-style mode. Steal 2 prototype armored transports and bring to extraction zone). Sabotage (64-player, control 2 points for X time then a demolition objective is revealed which must be destroyed). Suppression (64-player team deathmatch)

Customize face, voice, armor.

No soldier class system, but has a free-form kit creation. Can save three different load-outs. Depending on the choice of weapons, it can be told by looking at you so others can tell. Change your load-out to match how the battle is going.

Snipers can get more than normal XP for killing people in designated areas of importance

Ranking up gives access to new weapons/perks/leadership positions.

Recognizes issues with large scale maps and the traveling.

8 players in a squad, 4 squads in a platoon, 4 platoons in a company (US Military)

Certain goals for each squad/platoon etc. Have secondary goals like blowing bridges.

Veteran ranks can enlist into leadership roles, give orders to their squad, then platoon, then their company (OIC)

Officer-only communication channel to help organize the battle

Want to be approachable to casual yet have many features for the hardcore.

Developers have been running 256-player tests since Nov. 2008 and plan to have closed/open betas

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PostSubject: Re: M.A.G: Massive Action Game NEW INFO!!!!!!   Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:40 am

Wow that's sounds awesome, I can't wait! I just don't want to get my hopes too high just in case! Nice to see you back Derfdiggler!

"Your qualities will be known to your enemies, long before you ever meet them my friend!"

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Warrant Officer

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PostSubject: Re: M.A.G: Massive Action Game NEW INFO!!!!!!   Fri May 01, 2009 6:37 pm

Cool, nice find Derfdiggler! Cool
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PostSubject: Re: M.A.G: Massive Action Game NEW INFO!!!!!!   

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M.A.G: Massive Action Game NEW INFO!!!!!!
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